Ground Floor Extensions

A Ground Floor Home Extension is a great way to access extra space without the expense and hassle of finding a new home.

Improve your perfect space

When extending your home, there are two routes you can take: either choose a contrasting but complementary style, or make the extension look like it has always been there. The former is much easier to pull off well. If you decide on the latter, our design team will help you to copy the key design elements, roof pitch, materials and details like the brick bond and even the mortar colour, to make your extension look as authentic as possible.

Consider a Glazed Link

When it comes to historical homes, it can be especially difficult to find the right extension design that complements the existing structure. A popular solution is to add the new space as an entirely separate building in a sympathetic style and to join the two with a short, fully glazed walkway. This helps to maintain the temperature and allows the existing architecture to shine through.

Add a Sunroom

A popular ground floor addition is to build a sunroom or all-purpose-room— an extension with large areas of window glazing, but with a conventional insulated roof and typically one insulated wall. This allows the space to be open to the rest of the house, and the temperature is easily controlled.

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Side Extension?

In most cases, you will need a Development Application (DA) to add a side extension to an existing property. Your helpful Perfect Space team will get all of the necessary applications in order for your project.

Interested in a ground floor extension for your home? Take a look at our Gallery for inspiration and get in touch with us for a quote.