Why Design & Build?

Did you know there are six benefits to choosing a full-service design and build versus the traditional way?
Did you know there are 6 benefits to choosing a full-service design and build versus the traditional way?

Research shows that homeowners are increasingly turning to concept to completion design and build companies for their extension needs, enjoying the streamlined process it offers and the opportunity to save valuable time and money.

We have prepared this graph, so you can compare the difference:

This savvy method of project delivery eliminates the hassles and headaches that come with schedule delays and budget over run. It also allows for tighter quality control.

Take a look at the other benefits:


Since the design parameters and budgetary goals of a project are being developed simultaneously it allows effective execution and communication between all parties. With everyone working together the owner has greater access to the project team throughout its development.


Because design build companies are fully integrated, it provides the client with one company to answer any questions or concerns. It eliminates typical problems that arise between architects and general contractors ensuring everyone is on the same page.


The design builder and the owner can now work together to establish what methods and materials will amplify the owners value. Once the budget is set, over runs rarely occur and are typically due to variations implemented by the owner. Because designers and contractors work together within the same company it makes it much easier to stay within the projects budget.


High quality design and construction is the desire of every client. With this process it ensures quality due to effective and efficient collaboration between the architect and contractor. This results in the production of a design that is both eye-catching and economically viable.


When the budget is determined in the early stages of project development it allows a smooth transition between each stage of construction. A cost-effective design is now easier to obtain because the designer has access to construction pricing and information during the design phase.


With all aspects of the projects now streamlined through one point of contact it allows projects to be completed much more quickly and efficiently compared to the traditional design-tender-build method.