Full House Remodel/Renovation

If you love where you live - Why move and pay stamp duty, agency and legal fees when you can remodel. We can show you how.

Home Renovations Northern Beaches

The Perfect Space completely understands the process to restore homes from inception to completion. We are fast, reliable, and offer competitive prices. We know that the process of a home remodel can be stressful for its inhabitants, which is why we do our best to be sensitive to you and your family's needs. This includes constant communication and the ability to work around your schedule as well as a commitment to completing the job in a timely fashion.

Introduce Natural Light

Bringing daylight into your extension from multiple directions will greatly enhance the quality of space. Not only is the look of natural light beautiful, but it can help cut down on your family's energy bills. As well as maximising window and glazed door openings, our design team can educate you on your options for natural lighting, such as roof lights or a clerestory (a series of small windows close to the ceiling of a room) to bring in as much light as possible from above. In addition to bringing light deep into the floor plan of an extended home, these ideas will also help to maximise your family's privacy.

Sympathetic Extensions for Historical Buildings

The homeowners of historical buildings often ask for a sympathetic side extension. It can be a challenge to source reclaimed bricks to match the original house. When original materials can't be sourced, we'll take the essential steps to ensure that the extension looks as cohesive as possible once complete.

Add a Contemporary Kitchen or a Breakfast Nook

Are you are looking to create a contemporary designer kitchen in your extension? We'll help you to build the kitchen of your dreams custom-made for your budget and space considerations. Show us pictures of inspiring kitchens and The Perfect Space can help you to recreate the same look. We can help you create big islands, floor-to-ceiling appliance walls and more.

Got A Nice View? Frame It!

Our design team will help you position window openings to frame the best views and to improve privacy, screening off any unsightly external features and neighbouring properties. Options include projecting bay windows or oriel windows set at an angle, as well as tinted windows and creatively-shaped windows such as circular, oval or diamond.

Create The Perfect Playroom For Your Little Ones

Planning on some little additions to your family? The Perfect Space can help your house grow to accommodate the newest additions to your family. From family game rooms and movie theatres to new laundry rooms that help Mom and Dad keep the house tidy, we'll help you make the most efficient use of your family's time and budget by making all the right choices the first time.

Call us today for a free quote and let's get your house remodel underway.