Stage 4: Approvals and Fixed Price Contract

“At The Perfect Space, we understand that building dreams requires more than just bricks and mortar; it demands trust, transparency, and peace of mind.” – Mark Romeo, Director and Builder, The Perfect Space

 Mark Romeo, Director and Builder, The Perfect Space 

At The Perfect Space, we understand the key to a successful home renovation and new build project lies in meticulous planning and transparent processes. As we delve into Stage 4 we shine a spotlight on the critical aspects of DA approvals and fixed price contract.

You have a design concept you love! Now it’s time to develop it further, prepare the paperwork, and lodge the plans for development and building approval.

At The Perfect Space, we seamlessly handle all the paperwork, submissions, and even liaise with your consultants to ensure a smooth process, culminating in the sought-after DA approval. You can relax with us and trust that your project is in safe, experienced hands. 

We’ve also found breaking the approvals process down, into three key stages, keeps things easy for everyone. These stages are:

  1. Development Application (if required) – Via your local Council.
  2. Construction Certificate and construction documentation – Via a private certifier.
  3. Construction Contract – Building contract with The Perfect Space to build your home.

During the design concept meeting it’s likely we’ve discussed alterations and minor tweaks or changes to your design. This second stage agreement takes into consideration the natural design development that occurs. If those changes significantly alter the cost presented to you during the design concept meeting, a costing update will be provided before we move on to engaging consultants and planning applications and this ensures budget and scope are further aligned.

Streamline Your Decisions 

Once the approvals are complete, and we’ve engaged the consultants, its essential to make the selections for your fittings, fixtures, and joinery. 

Decision-making, when it comes to construction, can be overwhelming but we’ll help you do all of this and ensure accurate prices where we lock in everything. This makes the whole process less stressful and helps you avoid decision overload.

The Fixed Price Contract 

One of the best features of The Perfect Space’s unique approach is that we give you a fixed price contract. This is the most critical step in understanding your true cost and it’s what we pride ourselves on.

The fixed price contract covers every decision made during the selection process and it provides you with a thorough understanding of the financial commitment. 

Compare Previous Projects 

At The Perfect Space we believe the four critical stages we work through with our clients guarantee a successful project outcome every time. 

If you want some additional insights into project costs, we invite you to download information about some of our previous projects. That way you can compare it to your own and get a real feel for the budget. 

Register now to gain access to our Case Study Resource Portal, where you can access and compare our latest projects. 

In an industry first we open the hood and show you the nuts and bolts of real-life completed projects, home extensions and new builds. We analyse critical numbers such as preliminary fees, costs and also client variations, and other details, such as size. 

The idea here is so you can compare your own aspirations with a project that is similar to one of our completed projects, whether it’s a home extension or new build you’re thinking about.