The Four Critical Elements to a Successful and Satisfying Major Renovation or Extension Project

At the Perfect Space, we’ve dedicated over 15 years to helping families build their dream homes. Three years ago, we unearthed a transformative design-and-build formula that revolutionised not only our business but the lives of our clients. Join me as I guide you through the four critical elements to ensure building your dream home is both a successful and satisfying journey. By Mark Romeo.

“The key is to take one step at a time and follow a well-defined process to ensure your project stays within budget and fulfills your vision.” – Mark Romeo, Director/Builder, The Perfect Space

Embarking on a major renovation, or building your dream home, should be a thrilling experience for everyone. A moment to see your vision and hard earned money come to life, without the frustration of budget blowouts and abandoned architectural designs. Unfortunately, these are two of the biggest challenges facing the construction industry today. 

For the past 15 years I’ve been building homes for families all over Sydney and met countless couples who have encountered these challenges and more. What troubled me the most was the glaring gap between the budget a client originally had in mind, and the actual cost of construction.

After seeing this situation unfold, time and again, I was determined to find a solution. I wanted to uncover the secrets behind successful projects and the exact processes that separated them from the rest.

Through thorough investigation and research, I distilled these essential steps into four key stages and put them into action. Now I know, from first-hand experience, exactly what goes into achieving a happy and successful build.

Building to Your Budget

Honest communication and care are two of my highest values and, over the past three years, The Perfect Space has proudly partnered with over 25 families to execute their major renovation with exceptional outcomes – on budget, on time, and with peace of mind. 

The steps I’m about to share will help you overcome common building obstacles and achieve your dream. The key is to take one step at a time and follow a well-defined process to ensure your project stays within budget and fulfills your vision. 

At the end of the day we’re here to help you enjoy the journey and make your dream home a reality, without unwelcome surprises.

Read on to discover what’s involved in each of the four key stages;

The four key stages to a Successful and Satisfying Build: A Builder’s Guide 

Stage 1: Mastering The Brief 

This is where we get together to meet, talk, discuss ideas, and gain clarity on exactly what you want to achieve with your renovation or new build. 

Some clients dream of adding a second story addition, but once we talk, connect, and explore ideas, they discover the best solution is to extend the ground floor. 

During the briefing phase we ask a lot of questions and discover how you live, how you interact with the spaces in your home, and what’s really important to you.

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Stage 2: Navigating The Budget

Now we’ve established your vision, it’s time to delve into your budget. Discussing finances can be uncomfortable for some people, but it’s a crucial part of the process. 

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about costs – that’s where we step in. Your input on how much you’re willing to invest is what matters. So you can compare costs and ideas, our FREE Case Study Resource Portal offers clear case studies from a variety of our past projects. Download as many as you like to get a better idea of what your renovation or new build might cost you.  

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Stage 3: Concept Design and Cost Analysis 

After nailing a mutually agreeable financial plan, we embark on crafting a concept design and detailed specification tailored to your requirements. This stage is where the magic happens and it’s what we, at The Perfect Space, refer to as Concept Design and Cost Analysis . This process serves as the bridge between your aspirations and budget, and ensures alignment. Informed decisions pave the way for your dream home to become a reality. 

Click here to learn more about Stage 3: Concept Design and Cost Analysis (CDCA).

Stage 4: Approvals and Fixed Price Contract

Now you have a concept you love it’s time to develop it further, prepare the paperwork and lodge the plans for approval. At The Perfect Space we manage all the paperwork and submissions. Once the approvals are complete it’s time for the fun stuff – selecting your fittings, fixtures, joinery, and more. We’ll hold your hand, ensure accurate prices, and lock everything in. A fixed price contract will help you understand the true costs of your project.

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At The Perfect Space we build dream homes, with your budget in mind from the start. Our award-winning team of design and build experts, along with our tried-and-tested formula will give you the confidence, clarity, and peace of mind to build your dream home. 

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