Consultant fees

What are some of the planning costs and fees to expect for a typical project _______ Along with architectural drawings, numerous other third-party consultants are required to support your application for approval to build. Below are some of the listed fees and consultant reports usually required that go into your Preliminaries Survey You will need…

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Why Builders Charge For Quotes

Why Builders Charge For Quotes _______ When it comes to choosing your builder, you may need to collect a number of quotes, for which some companies may charge. While this may seem unnecessary, paying a small charge for a quote early on in the process can save a lot of trouble down the line. Here…

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What is the difference between a DA & CDC


What is the difference between a DA & CDC _______ When building a new home, you have two options to ensure that you are meeting all the regulatory requirements: A Development Application (DA) is a merit-based assessment conducted directly through the local council. The council will have a set of guidelines and parameters that will…

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Preliminary Fees, how much would you expect to pay?

Preliminary fees

Preliminary Fees _______ Here’s what you can expect to pay upfront before a build can begin.  You’ve heard the term Preliminary Fees and may be wondering what they are, where they fit into the timeline and what you should expect to pay?. A lot of people seek financial assistance through their preferred lender to fund their new extension or second…

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