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Do I need permission to renovate my apartment? Here’s what you need to know

UPDATE 4.06.20 HomeBuilder provides eligible owner-occupiers (including first home buyers)with a grant of $25,000 to build a new home or substantially renovate anexisting home. HomeBuilder will assist the residential construction market byencouraging the commencement of new home builds and renovations this year. Click here to find out more Do I need permission to renovate my…

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Sunday, 5 April 2020 OUR RESPONSE TO COVID-19 As this extraordinary situation continues to evolve, we’re doing everything we can to support our staff, subcontractors and clients. In response to Covid-19, federal and state governments have acknowledged the construction industry as an essential service and determined that it should remain in operation for the time being. We…

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10 Costs That Could Blow Your Renovation Budget

10 Costs That Could Blow Your Renovation Budget __________ So it’s time to create that much-needed extra space with a house extension that you have been dreaming about. You have a budget and great ideas, but you have heard horror stories from renovator friends about hidden costs, nasty surprises and the dreaded budget blowout. The…

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Dreaming of Christmas in a newly renovated home?

Dreaming of Christmas in a newly renovated home? Christmas is nearly upon us again and if you were looking for council approved plans in your stocking this year, you’ll probably be disappointed. The good news is, you can have your whole new extension built by next Christmas, but you’ll have to spring into action right…

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Consultant fees

What are some of the planning costs and fees to expect for a typical project _______ Along with architectural drawings, numerous other third-party consultants are required to support your application for approval to build. Below are some of the listed fees and consultant reports usually required that go into your Preliminaries Survey You will need…

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Why it pays to get a concept design and cost analysis done

Why it pays to get a concept design and concept analysis done _______ You’re busy planning your extension or second storey addition. You might have a fixed budget, need to seek financial assistance, or you may want to know upfront how much this dream reno is going to cost before you pay for council approvals.…

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What is the difference between a DA & CDC


What is the difference between a DA & CDC _______ When building a new home, you have two options to ensure that you are meeting all the regulatory requirements: A Development Application (DA) is a merit-based assessment conducted directly through the local council. The council will have a set of guidelines and parameters that will…

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The Perfect Space acknowledge that we must provide a safe workplace without risks to the health and safety of our team and our clients. This includes managing the risk of exposure to the coronavirus, COVID-19 and reducing any impact this may have on our clients, team members, and contractors. We are still conducting business as usual and welcome you to contact us about your build. More info
A FREE Virtual Consultation is an option for all of our prospective clients during the initial consultation stage, to discuss your options. This also allows us to walk through your property while we asses and make notes, with no contact.

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